Everyone's Talking About The Power of Horses

"An entertaining read, The Power of Horses reminds us, horse ownership is really a two-way street." Jeffrey Reed, Northern Horse Review

"Anyone who likes horses and or country music would REALLY like this book! Be sure to get extra copies to give as gifts! I loved the author's use of words and the selection of photos that were used. The stories will make you laugh, cry and wonder. Tracker Outdoors highly recommends The Power of Horses!" The Tracker Outdoors, www.tracker-outdoors.com

"Readers be warned: once you pick this book up, it is very hard to put down!"
Suzie Housley, www.MyShelf.com

"Writer and horse trainer Lisa Wysocky has written a book that is sure to please. You¹ll laugh and cry with the stories of these entertainers and how their love for their horses has affected their lives. "
Paula Winters, The Westview

"Country music fans and animal lovers of all ages will find The Power of Horses both fascinating and uplifting."
John Wooley, Tulsa World country-music writer and author of Awash in the Blood and Dark Within

"The Power of Horses spotlights Wysocky having relaxed, yet passionate conversations with such artists as George Jones, Lynn Anderson, Clay Walker, Toby Keith and Charlie Daniels about any and everything involving their horses."
Ron Wynn, The Nashville City Paper

"If you love horses and country music, you may have just found a little piece of heaven!"
Keith Bilbrey, WSM Radio, Grand Ole Opry

"[The Power of Horses shows] the stars love the simplicity their horses bring to their lives. So despite all the country glitz and glamour, stars will always go back to their simple life, including their four-legged friends who gallop them away from the pressures of the record industry."
Twila Gresham, www.dishmag.com

"All in all, The Power of Horses is an unusual and unique smorgasbord of country music headliners love affairs with the most powerfully beautiful creatures ever to grace our lives and the Earth."
Rebecca Brown, www.rebeccasreads.com

"The Power of Horses tells of the horse influence in the lives of country artists. There's a wide range of entertainers covered in the book. Some featured artists are not as established in the music business nor as deeply involved in the horse industry, but their experiences with horses are no less meaningful."
John Brasseaux, www.horsecity.com, www.westernhorseman.com

"All of the stories are equally entertaining, heart-tugging and informative. Artists who don't normally share stories about their personal lives are most willing to talk about their passion for horses and how they influenced their lives and in doing so, they reveal a part of themselves that we may have never seen before."
Cheryl Harvey Hill, www.countrystarsonline.com (in the CD review archives)

"The Power of Horses combines Lisa Wysocky's love of horses with a career as Nashville's publicist to the stars. Lisa has written a book that all horse and country music fans will enjoy over and over."
J.D. Haas, J.D. Haas Entertainment

"Lisa Wysocky has great insight into the love and passion that we as horse people feel for our four legged partners."
Joni Werthan, President, Warioto Farm, Inc., Breeder of Champion Show
Hunters, Franklin, Tennessee

"The Power of Horses is loaded with heart and soul. . .and truth!"
Carol Grace Anderson, M.A., author of Get Fired Up Without Burning Out and Some Angels Have Four Paws: Life Lessons From Our Dogs

"The Power of Horses is truly a must-read!"
Loudilla, Loretta, and Kay Johnson, (IFCO) the International Fan Club Organization


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